A Snapshot of an Answered Prayer for a Survivor in New York This Week (Pt.1)

First, let me just say, that on December 1st I was several weeks into learning more about the power of the Holy Spirit through me, and this afternoon I happened to be already in prayer mode for a middle school girl at my church with possible suicidal thoughts, confusion, a drawing to dark things and a lack of knowing her real identity. The Lord revealed the latter to me as I laid on Braylon’s bed just talking to Him. The identity theme had been a prevalent one that week, and I sense it will for a long time. One to continually pray over people – esp. youth.
Anyway, just after I posted a document about Who we are in Christ (Neil Anderson), on FB, my friend who happens to live in NY and works with survivors of sex trafficking via the non profit, Sparrow’s Hope for Girls, private messaged me. Honestly, I can’t recall how I even got connected with her and became friends on FB. But we share a passion for the Lord and for this fight of injustice and sexual abuse and exploitation…It’s just something I know we’ll have a connection about for a long time.  I love her like a sister in Christ.
As we messaged a bit back and forth, she told me about a survivor there. I immediately began to simply thank Jesus. I just laid there saying “Thank you Jesus” over and over. And the more I did, the more I felt His presence. Chills were going up and down my body and I couldn’t keep tears from falling down my face past my temples and into my hair. It didn’t last long. But it was powerful. As I spoke that loud whisper between soft sobs, I pictured in my mind’s eye – this girl and her baby girl getting ushered into a safe place – a shelter of sorts, with love, and pictured her getting all of her needs met. At the time, I thought it was ME who was just thinking things up – like, hopeful thoughts – but I knew He was able to bring it to pass too. Well… it was a vision! So watch what happened…
December 1st
Monday 1:44pm

It’s the teaching I did at a lady’s meeting and the list!
(Me) – Thank you! Two-three girls in 2 days with suicidal thoughts – the Lord spoke to me to pray out the spirit of identity theft! He is a thief of it and we can claim our identity BACK. Along with that of our children and their friends.

That’s good! I have a girl who is currently speaking the same language. she’s going through so much- a survivor, and just got kicked out of the mother/child shelter she was in with her one year old. no notice, no place to go.

she has suicidal ideation too, but for her daughter…
(Me) – her name?

(Me) – in New York?

(Me) – Not now.   I won’t have it!

In Jesus name! Agreed and provision will be made for her!
(Me) – yes it will!!

Thank you for keeping her in prayer. She is in crisis. Her family is toxic, so she may be able to stay with mom for a day or two, if mom let’s her, but it won’t last.
(Me) – thank him thank him thank him – the more we thank him for it the more it will come to pass, I believe it.

amen and amen!!
(Me) – Do that just say thank you to JESUS over and over while you think of the things he will provide for her… See what happens!

I will do that!!!!!
Sunday Dec.7th, 2014
(Me) – Any word on Selina?

Yes! She is in a mother/child residence! I’m so blessed that a group of people have come together not only to help her find a place to be safe, but also we have started a group to bless her and Chloe with a wonderful Christmas! If you’re interested in joining the group, let
me know! Without us, she and Chloe would not have had a Christmas at all!
(Me) – OH sweet Jesus! I pictured a group of people taking her in – remember? When I was laying in my sons bed that day…I was just thanking Him agn and agn and picturing EVERYTHING she and her baby needed – being provided for her. God leans down and listens closely to the cries of his beloved! Thank you for the update! It made my night!

I’m believing God that our blessings her will be the catalyst to bring her to church and ultimately salvation! You had a heavenly vision of what was to be! Thank you for your powerful and effective prayers!!!
Chat Conversation End

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