The Lantern Walk ’15

What an amazing evening of light, information, inspiration and activities at the Rock Creek Country Club! It was a full day, as I’d worked the first half (care giving for my client, Vern), but after I arrived so much was already prepped for the evening’s event. When I was gabbing with a fellow volunteer, a Compassion First friend approached me asking if I could pick up a girl from a transit center so she could attend for the night. She was a suspected victim or survivor of either sex trafficking or domestic violence. So I jumped on the opportunity. “S” was very shy, beautiful and reserved…and seemed to keep asking people how CF rescues girls. I’ve yet to hear how the evening went with her but I know she got connected to some of the best people in the biz like Darlene Of “Abolition Now” who I believe, drove her home that night.

I got to rock climb, walk the lit pathway through the golf course alongside another amazing survivor I love (while our kids connected ahead of us), and tear down the chairs for a while until alas, my poor nearly 40-year old body gave out. 

  • There were about 250 attendees
  • Amnt of funds raised: over $18,200 (net)
  • Close to 30 people from Horizon Community came as a direct result of promotional efforts like a lobby table, a video announcement they made me do, and of course, word of mouth.

I’m so proud of my church and proud of all who made The Lantern Walk a success with only a few glitches here and there. A special shout out goes to Julie Gholston, Horizon’s Community Care Director. Amazing.

It was a phenomenal effort and over all, a great event that raised both awareness and funds for Compassion First’s mission to provide safe shelter for Portland area survivors, right downtown.

I’m on board for next year, already.



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I grew up in a sweet lil family of 4 and lived in the same home from age 2-21 when I transitioned from college life to married life. Enter: Ricky G. Russ, Jr. - this guy was a playa w/an ego from the day we met that fall of 1990. And oh, so cool, totally rebellious pastor's kid...but I like to think I knocked some sense into him (after I dated his brother). We fell in love & the world around us turned to a dull gray & brilliant burst of color all at once. I've been singing since '90 - in choirs, worship teams, a women's prison, & three coffee shop absolute blast. Been writing my own songs & playing around w/a shiny black acoustic martin my hubby bought for me for my b-day back in '06...& I'm gettin' to really appreciate jazz & blues. But will never abandon the art of surrender in worship music. In the fall of '07, work & God moved us to the lone star state near Austin & after a month of being sick emotionally & physically, I started getting used to my new home & life. We found a good Bible-preachin' church & hooked up with a few good musicians too. In '10, a love for family time and the need to represent the NW in my burden/passion to fight child sex slavery brought me back to Portland. I represented Stop Child Trafficking Now in the Rose City - the city we always loved, called home and desperately missed. And that chapter ended in December of 2012. My husband is pursuing his love for all things graphic and web - and actually gets paid to do what he loves. Our prayer is that we will be used wherever we live, to our fullest potential & to be selfless, positive influences for Christ until he brings us to our real home - heaven. ~ I also pray that this blog - this journal - will be an ongoing witness to His faithfulness, continually giving Him glory. View all posts by Chelan

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