Freedom Stickers ~ a Dream Coming True

In late 2012, I was given an idea I think I called the Bathroom Stall Initiative Campaign, Rest Stop Sticker Initiative. It was to create stickers to place inside bathroom stalls in women’s restrooms, in the establishments along our major Interstate, I5…establishments such as bars, restaurants, rest stops, and gas stations. 

I played around with various sticker designs, and first researched my chances of distribution at rest stops by calling Oregon Department of Transportation, then the OTE ~ the Oregon Travel Experience, who maintains all of Oregon’s rest stops. I was met with a stop sign, and I put the idea on the back burner for a while, but I made sure to tell a few influential friends about it.

Well, I am so excited to report that one of those amazing and influential friends of mine, Ms. Nita Belles, has played a major part in getting a sticker designed, and helped pass a bill through congress, into law, that says we can now distribute “Freedom Stickers” in establishments where liquor licenses are renewed, as well as other places, with owners’ permission! 

Just. Wow.

A local news station did this story on it today:

I just think it’s so amazing that I was unable to implement an idea The Lord gave me three years ago, so I just waited, and someone else  – someone I admire and respect – was completely able to. It was just a matter of time and legislative power and I’m sure, connections. And I was invited to be a part of the action.

I cannot wait until Monday when I go with my survivor friend, to the Freedom Sticker Release event at the Salem Capitol, to hand those freedom stickers out!!!

Praising My God AGAIN for his faithfulness in my life and for using just the right people at just the right time to bring about his will for freedom on this earth. 😄


A screenshot of an email from January 2013, when I was telling a friend about the idea:  


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