3 Ways to Use Facebook to Help your Survivor Friend

If you have a relationship with a survivor, and I need pops up, you have a choice to make. You can pray. You can pray and see how you can help without enabling, and/or you can pray, see how you can help, and mention the specific need on Facebook, without names.

I recently tried this and honestly, I didn’t expect the response I got! I noticed not many items had been purchased yet for her baby shower the following day. So I posted this: 

I immediately started getting responses – the first of which was a phone call from a friend of mine who’d just moved to Texas, and she wanted to use their tithe funds to help out! She bought a Boppy, grooming kit and a super cute  and pretty costly bouncer. 😳

Other comments started pouring in:

“Just got breast pump & accessories kit. You’re listed as alternative pick-up person at the Sherwood location :)”

“I wish I could do more. Kind of like trying to choose Christmas gifts for kids in need- want to get it all!!”

“Thanks. They don’t have her diaper backpack at Sherwood 😔” (This friend purchased a $50 Eddie Bauer deluxe diaper backpack online and had it shipped direct!)

“Chelan, order 102825229756 is waiting for you at Sherwood. :)” (0-3 mo. baby clothes and mittens)

Then I got this text from that pregnant friend of mine who got a surprise at her door: 

At the shower, I just kept handing her various presents and she was so confused and happy. “Who are all these people you know?!”
I think that I got such a great response because the Facebook post had these three elements:

  1. It was a specific need for a specific person
  2. It incorporated team-work. I said I was willing to go pick it up at my local Target, wrap and deliver it.
  3. It was brief and to the point. People can lose interest if you go on and on about a need, even if they have a heart to help.

So that was a cool little unintended experiment that I plan to conduct again and again. And I hope you do too! The girls are worth every bit of energy, time and attention you can give them. Really, it all equals love.


About Chelan

I grew up in a sweet lil family of 4 and lived in the same home from age 2-21 when I transitioned from college life to married life. Enter: Ricky G. Russ, Jr. - this guy was a playa w/an ego from the day we met that fall of 1990. And oh, so cool, totally rebellious pastor's kid...but I like to think I knocked some sense into him (after I dated his brother). We fell in love & the world around us turned to a dull gray & brilliant burst of color all at once. I've been singing since '90 - in choirs, worship teams, a women's prison, & three coffee shop bands...an absolute blast. Been writing my own songs & playing around w/a shiny black acoustic martin my hubby bought for me for my b-day back in '06...& I'm gettin' to really appreciate jazz & blues. But will never abandon the art of surrender in worship music. In the fall of '07, work & God moved us to the lone star state near Austin & after a month of being sick emotionally & physically, I started getting used to my new home & life. We found a good Bible-preachin' church & hooked up with a few good musicians too. In '10, a love for family time and the need to represent the NW in my burden/passion to fight child sex slavery brought me back to Portland. I represented Stop Child Trafficking Now in the Rose City - the city we always loved, called home and desperately missed. And that chapter ended in December of 2012. My husband is pursuing his love for all things graphic and web - and actually gets paid to do what he loves. Our prayer is that we will be used wherever we live, to our fullest potential & to be selfless, positive influences for Christ until he brings us to our real home - heaven. ~ I also pray that this blog - this journal - will be an ongoing witness to His faithfulness, continually giving Him glory. View all posts by Chelan

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